In Ellen Latham's book PUSH, she talks about the foundation of her life and the theory behind the new fitness craze Orange Theory: BASE, PUSH, and ALL OUT.  Rick and Nancy talk through how to create your base or standards in your life and business. These are the things you have to do daily, weekly, monthly.  PUSH - this is your relentless focus, adding 10%, 20% or more to your base.  In some cases, this may become your new BASE if you're not "winded" during your PUSH.  It may be time for you to do an ALL OUT in your business.  "Do until it's done," says Rick Monsipapa.

Listen as Rick interviews Brian Kornfeld, also one of our clients, of Popkorn Apps.  Brian is a successful Tampa Bay entrepreneur tune in as he discusses resources in the Tampa Bay area that can help you take your business to the next level.  

Do you sell the same to everyone despite their age?  You might be suprised as Rick and Nancy share insight on how to approach folks from different generations:  Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xer's, and Mellennials 

Rate yourself on attributes on a scale of 1 to 10, and see how you score.  Integrity, People Skills, Vision, Mission, Goals, Success Patterns of a High Achiever, and Organizational Skills.

Every professional athlete has a coach for each position he or she plays.  Do you have a coach?  Helping you make the small tweeks to your calls, your presentations and your follow throughs!  Listen as Rick and Nancy coach you through a ten steps to selling more.  

John Maxwell says if you can do four things really well you'll very successful.  R = Relationships  E=Equipping  A = Attitude  L = Leadership

The word "if." Put "what" before it instead of putting "only" after it. Change your mindset.

“Often the only difference between succeeding and not succeeding is persistence.

You take extensive notes at events you attend or from podcasts you listen to but when you get home the notebook gets buried on your desk or in a drawer and the knowledge never gets applied.